Cirencester Self Storage Ltd, Fossecross Ind. Estate, Fosse Cross, Gloucestershire, GL54 4NW

Customer Guide to Self Storage    

Most household/business items are suitable for self storage. Our units are not suitable for the following items; 

Inflammable/combustible materials (items containing petrol/oil should be drained down prior to storage.       Perishable foodstuffs. Animals or animal products. Hazardous and dangerous items such as explosives, ammunition, toxic waste, asbestos, chemicals, radioactive materials. Illegal items and goods not owned by customers. 

A. Most customers find it easier to place large/bulky items to the rear of the storage unit, with smaller/lighter items placed on top. Items that may be required for usage should be placed towards the front of the unit.

B. Items containing water including washing machines, dryers, irons should be emptied of all water, prior to transport and storage.

C. Batteries should be removed from electrical items to prevent leakage problems.

D. Garden implements/items normallyt left outside should be cleaned and dried, prior to transport and storage, to prevent potential damage to other items.

E. Careful packing of items prior to transport and storage is advisable.

1. Mirrors, pictures, fragile furniture (and items) should be bubble wrapped.

2.Upholstered items such as chairs, sofas and mattresses should be wrapped in protective covers.

3. Pack items in appropriate boxes (eg. books/heavy items in small boxes, clothes in hanging boxes to prevent creases).

4. Cardboard boxes should be 'fully' packed, to avoid collapse, if storing on top of each other.

A range of competitively priced packaging materials is available (prices include VAT)
Small box          (18'' x 13'' x 13'')          £1.75
Medium box     (18'' x 18'' x 20'')            £2.25
Large box         (18'' x 18'' x 30'')           £2.75
Wardrobe box (20'' x 18'' x 48'')             £9.00
King Size Mattress Cover                      £4.00
4 Seat Sofa Cover                                 £3.00
Armchair Cover                                     £2.00
Bubble Wrap ( 5m x 1.2m wide)            £3.00
Packing Tape (1 roll)                             £1.00

A wide range of other products are available, including plastic crates, removal blankets and packing paper on request (48 hrs notice to arrange delivery).

Insurance of goods in storage
The contents of each unit are not inspected by us and expressly not covered by our insurance policy.
The cheapest option may be to obtain an extension to a current household/business insurance policy.
It is recommended that customers speak to their insurer to ascertain whether they may be able to extend their household/business insurance policy, to cover items for the duration of self storage.
Whilst Cirencester Self Storage Ltd. does not recommend any particular insurance company, our facilities have been approved by the below company - we do not receive any commission for any policies taken out with insurastore, which costs approximately 45p/week per £1000 of cover - click on the link below for a quote.

Storage Advice - storage tips